TTM- Testimonials



“I deeply appreciated this week with skilled facilitators and willing, caring participants. The massages are involving, revealing and enlightening and not what you might think as massage is a broad term to express our connection to heart, spirit, body and energy. I felt both safe and enlivened and this restoring week helped me to reconnect to my true nature of joy and power.  I felt seen and heard in the spacious holding and we also covered a lot of content:  not only massage structures, also understanding holding the complexities of life, seeing old patterns, making different choices.  I’d really recommend this course if you want to understand more about the life changing potential for Tantra Massage and to be connected with an amazing group of people.” 

Alison Pilling, Intimacy Coach.

“I wanted to share my recommendation for this course as it is an amazing, connected, growth and learning experience. I have just returned from the first training block which is being repeated before the further 3 sections of this experience start later in the year. I’d Love to meet you there!

There is a generous option to experience the first block before committing to the full training. Powerful growth, learning and healing can be realised, even from this first block.

Before booking I had been concerned it would be similar to work I had done, but I was very impressed by the depth of just this first section. It’s much more than just a Tantric Massage course. It covers Tantra, Shamanic Work, Healing and Body Work in a series of powerful structures where you both give and receive, learning so much both ways. There is also available a route of professional qualification.

Jon & Elara are Gifted Loving Teachers with a calling to share their skills with others.”

Keith Higgs Author of “Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine – Messages from Love to Empower and Enlighten Your Journey.”

I’ve been on several events and course run by Jon and Elara. Unfailingly they are run with immense integrity and care – you are not “taught” but instead learn by doing and experiencing. Transformational Massage really lives up to the title. The course was intense and, dare I say it, transformative. I came away with energy flowing freely and strongly, a renewed sense of self, and a greater ability to be “in the flow” and present.   A, Participant

“I have attended MANY courses for years as well ran courses & workshops & I have very high standards in quality of running courses & attending & from this place I would like to say this course was VERY well put together.  Structure is of high quality.

In terms of my experience in my learning & transformational healing work, I was blown away & deeply grateful for what I received. I can’t believe just how much I received in such a short space of time. I got far more than what I hoped for & am very looking forward to put this all to practice & also looking forward to the other blocks.

Some challenges arouse but it lead to more awareness & healing.

It was all a blessed gift. !”   Participant

“The Block 1 on this course was, in all manners of speaking, a slice of heaven on earth. I met and created deep connections with likeminded people. I went on an intensive journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery. I healed some of my traumas by receiving massages from the other students under the experienced supervision of Elara and Jon. I saw the positive effect I can have on others through this massage. And the best part was that Elara and Jon created a safe space and taught Tantra with a very, very inclusive approach to all genders and sexual orientations (and I’m telling you this as a non-binary person). Do it, take this course, it’s totally worth it!”   RB, London

The word Transformational in Transformational Tantra Massage has been very carefully and well chosen for this course. Never has a word been more appropriate!

As I approach Block 4 and reflect on my journey to this point, I feel astonished by my own transformation over the past few months. My body told me last August that we would be doing the TTM training (my head had ruled it out for a number of reasons). I followed my body’s wisdom and am profoundly grateful that I did.

On the first day I walked into the Pathways Studio with the intention to be open, to trust and to allow. That has stayed with me throughout and has meant that I have immersed myself in practices and experiences from a place of presence and awareness and not a place of fear. This course is structured in such a way that the group is slowly and gently brought closer together, and connect ever deeper, because of the safe space that is co-created by Elara, Jon, the assistants and each participant.

It is a source of endless awe and joy for me that I have formed such deep connections with people I have known for a relatively short period of (human) time. Feeling safe to reveal the myriad parts and aspects of myself and to be held, seen, witnessed and accepted by other people in all of my Me, is a healing gift that I do not ever take lightly.

The teaching styles of Jon and Elara work well with the way I learn. There is a good balance of practical information, demonstrations of structures, practice sessions and breaks. There is always someone to reach out to if things become challenging or intense, or if a hug is needed. There is always someone to laugh with 🙂

Doing this training is one of the most transformational experiences I am having in this lifetime. I find myself pushing myself past edges, out of my stagnant comfort zones and because I now trust that I will be OK with whatever comes, a whole new world of possibility opens up before me. I see, and experience, tantra massage as sacred, reverent, devotional, conscious and healing.

It is truly an honour and a privilege to be part of this training.  


“The level of inclusiveness, acceptance and connection that developed within our group (teachers, helpers and participants) in such a short time enabled me to get the most out of the training. I found that what I learned was frequently new but more importantly, it complimented other tantra work I’ve done. So the benefits were doubled, new skills learnt plus old learning better understood and integrated. All in all, a really valuable step on my journey towards belonging and feeling whole.”    Julian

“My experience appeared very deep into my own Self. I have faced many of my shadows, pains and emotions and I did embrace them into the light with love and care with huge help of this Tantra training.

Each block was dedicated for opening some unknown parts of me, which I never knew needs my attention, embodiment and inner strength & power. I feel more complete on each level within. Psychology much stronger, emotionally healed, spirituality aligned and energeticly growned.

I’m so happy that didn’t give up; even at times was very very difficult to face my darkness & come out from the comfort zone, but the inner trust was stronger to keep my on the track by knowing and trusting the process that I’m stepping into the beautiful wholeness of me and Universe around me.

With gratitude and love ❤

Joanna ”  Joanna Natalia

”The course (especially block 2) got me to challenge myself, my core-beliefs and my view of society and the roles we play by asking things of me that I absolutely thought I couldn’t/wouldn’t do before the course.

I am so grateful for the support of the staff and assistants who really ‘held’ me at such challenging moments, giving me the strength to break through the barriers I had self-imposed and complete the tasks.

As a result, I now have much more acceptance of my body; I have found my femininity; I can sometimes access my personal power; I have more connection to the sensations in my body, and I now get a felt sense of my boundaries. I especially love that I am now beginning to feel sensations in my body which indicate my needs, wants and desires along with more confidence to ask for them to be met, and the language to do this. Co-creating space is a new concept for me and I love the respectful and intimate atmosphere that is created between both parties. It is something I use in my everyday life now with my kids, friends and in my work environment.”  Jo S – Participant

“Jon and Elara held a safe place for what is a journey of exploration into an area of healing and repair. Their programme followed a time tested formula which gently moved into through the stages which opened up intimacy and trust with fellow participants. I have dipped in and out of Tantra teachings and felt this programme was more nourishing and informative. ”  Nigel a participant

“ Loved the sequence of massages, and how they were broken down into manageable blocks. The explanations were really clear, and I appreciated the emphasis on granting control and authority to the receiver – it felt much more contemporary and trauma informed in its approach compared to other tantra trainings I have particpated in. The energic activations were extremely potent, and I felt Jon and Elara really held these spaces with a great deal of care and safety. The assistants were excellent – you could really feel that they believed in the work.” ACD, Civil Servant

I have had a wonderful experience with my beautiful group over the past blocks. We loved, cried, howled with laughter. we supported and shared love with each other for our entire training. We are beautiful, brave, passionate explorers. May our path be blessed with abundance and love .

A seeker, participant in year long training

“I first discovered tantra a few years ago, I come across a tantra course at Glasonbury and I felt a real connection as I started reading about what tantra entails. After more searching I found this course [Transformational Tantra Massage] and fell in love with it even more.  I loved the course content and how deep it could possibly heal someone.  My background is in body massage and I knew there were deeper levels, I could make bigger differences in people’s lives.  I wanted to go deeper and this training is really going to allow me to do that.  So I chucked myself in at the deep end and decided to do the practitioner course with no prior experience of tantra, thinking it was going to be like any other course and boy was I wrong.  This course has helped me to heal parts of myself I didn’t even know needed healing.  I have really felt myself grow and change on multiple levels, in my personal life, spiritual life and practitioner life. This course has had a major impact on my spiritual development, this has been a very spiritual journey for me which I am ever so thankful for.  I didn’t know how emotional trauma that is held in the body could actually block spiritual/emotional growth, its more of a self-confidence thing for me and believing in myself which this course through so many of the exercises have allowed me to do through the healing of my own wounds.  This course is amazing for self-development on all levels.  Jon and Elara are amazing facilitators/teachers who portray the embodiment of tantra in its full beauty.”  Laura, participant in year long training

“I committed to the course to learn new skills, and for self-development. It has given me much more than I anticipated, and was genuinely transformational in aspects of myself I did not imagine would be touched.”  Participant in year long training

I came to Jon & Elara seeking self-development alongside studying to be a counsellor. The first workshops I attended were on shadow work and boundaries and consent. From there I have embraced all their offerings, and learnt a great deal about myself, how I am around other people and how others experience me. Every time I attend one of their sessions I feel I face myself in a mirror that was steamed up at first but is becoming ever clearer. I have learnt more from the experiential exercises with Jon & Elara than I could have learnt from years of standard ‘Professional Development’.

The year-long tantra massage programme has been exceptionally valuable in that regard and has inspired me to take more actions to care for myself and my own needs both in counselling practice and my daily life.  Trainee Counsellor, Manchester.

The Transformational Tantra Massage course has proved all I hoped it would be and much more. I hoped that it would expand me to better understand empathy and to break through the armouring that my previous work with Tantra had clearly showed was holding me back. It has done all that and so much more. I feel like a flower, curled up for most of its life, that now finds itself able to blossom in the sunshine of a new dawn.  Jon and Elara hold space that is warm, welcoming, nurturing and completely safe. I am certain that is in no small part to their skill as teachers and facilitators that I have felt secure enough to allow myself to fully participate, to be open and vulnerable, and thus gain as much benefit as possible from the course.   Richard
I’m currently undertaking the 1 year Transformational Tantra Massage training with Jon & Elara, having completed their Experience Tantric Principles online programme. Both courses are well structured, progressively building upon knowledge and understanding of tantric principles and practice. Their extensive knowledge of Tantra is delivered in a friendly and engaging manner, and I felt completely at ease from the start. The training is undoubtedly helping me to give and receive effective tantric massage, and subsequently experience the true, deeper aspect of myself.   Peter, Lincolnshire, Education Consultant

“I found Jon & Elara several years ago whilst exploring various alternative healing modalities. The reason I have stuck with them and now consider them my mentors is their ethical and inclusive approach. I have attended many of their events and over the last year participated in the Experience Tantric Principles Online course and continued on to the year-long tantra massage programme.

Their first event was a leap in the dark for me. I signed up out of a mixture of curiosity, intuition and divine inspiration. I didn’t know what to expect and was terrified about how much skin I would have to bare and how close I’d be expected to get to people.

Over the last year in particular I feel much more comfortable about my body and showing it in public and I am more comfortable being in close physical contact with others. The key thing that helped me get there is Jon & Elara’s principle focus on participant’s being in choice. I still feel nervous about what the next ‘structure’ is going to involve but I feel empowered knowing that I can make a choice about how or if I participate. Exercising this choice, at both online and in person sessions, has given me the chance to explore my boundaries at my own pace. Jon & Elara provide a very safe space for spiritual seekers to explore themselves and their ‘stuff’. They are caring, respectful and are very skilled at holding sacred space.”   Holly, Cheshire


“What an amazing weekend! Thank you for creating such an empowering and transformational workshop. The beautifully held space made me feel safe to be completely authentic and concious. What a lovely gift it was to be fully present and to give from the heart. ” C

“This was a truly lovely weekend, the group was really well held and safe, the explanations were wonderfully clear, the exercises were beautiful, enlivening, sensuous and powerful, and the group was a good size, not too large. “  RT