TTM- Testimonials



“I deeply appreciated this week with skilled facilitators and willing, caring participants. The massages are involving, revealing and enlightening and not what you might think as massage is a broad term to express our connection to heart, spirit, body and energy. I felt both safe and enlivened and this restoring week helped me to reconnect to my true nature of joy and power.  I felt seen and heard in the spacious holding and we also covered a lot of content:  not only massage structures, also understanding holding the complexities of life, seeing old patterns, making different choices.  I’d really recommend this course if you want to understand more about the life changing potential for Tantra Massage and to be connected with an amazing group of people.” 

Alison Pilling, Intimacy Coach.

“I wanted to share my recommendation for this course as it is an amazing, connected, growth and learning experience. I have just returned from the first training block which is being repeated before the further 3 sections of this experience start later in the year. I’d Love to meet you there!

There is a generous option to experience the first block before committing to the full training. Powerful growth, learning and healing can be realised, even from this first block.

Before booking I had been concerned it would be similar to work I had done, but I was very impressed by the depth of just this first section. It’s much more than just a Tantric Massage course. It covers Tantra, Shamanic Work, Healing and Body Work in a series of powerful structures where you both give and receive, learning so much both ways. There is also available a route of professional qualification.

Jon & Elara are Gifted Loving Teachers with a calling to share their skills with others.”

Keith Higgs Author of “Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine – Messages from Love to Empower and Enlighten Your Journey.”

I’ve been on several events and course run by Jon and Elara. Unfailingly they are run with immense integrity and care – you are not “taught” but instead learn by doing and experiencing. Transformational Massage really lives up to the title. The course was intense and, dare I say it, transformative. I came away with energy flowing freely and strongly, a renewed sense of self, and a greater ability to be “in the flow” and present.

A, Participant