The Dangers of Spiritual Bypassing

It took several attempts before I started my spiritual awakening.   I kept writing all experiences and encounters off as chance co-incidences and doing my best to dismiss the phenomena that I was connecting with.   However it was on a flight to New Zealand, when I finally realised that there were too many things to be simply dismissed as a co-incidence and that what I was seeing was actually real and not just my imagination.     The relief of this was palpable – I was not going completely insane and seeing things that didn’t exist and of course this gave me huge permission to now actually connect with what I was seeing.   I whiled away many hours in bliss and peace travelling the astral planes and became a hermit.   When my options were to connect either with the beautiful and loving vibration of the angelic realm or the lesser vibration and sticky dynamic of the human race,  the angelic realm won out every time.   I would spend hours each evening with the angelic realm just experiencing bliss, peace and tranquillity.   The energy in my home changed to the point that visitors (who I eventually started to allow back in) would comment on how peaceful and calming my home space was.