TTM UK – Professional Certification



We aim to instil high standards of ethics, integrity, competence and consciousness for our practitioners and this has resulted in a thorough and in-depth certification process. 
 Below you can find out more details about the key elements.


Course work is a key part of embedding and anchoring your learning through reflection of your experience with your peers and supervisors.   

Ongoing course work during the year provides the opportunity to be able to practice, reflect and develop together through the year with your student cohort.

Course work will consist of write ups on some of the massages that you have practiced either in the blocks or in between blocks along with your reflection and analysis on these and on your evolving experience of tantra massage and its impact.

More detail on course work will be provided to you during the course.


At the end of your training, you will be asked to complete a number of case studies (including a supervised massage with one of the teaching team) and write up a subset of them. 

More details regarding this will also be provided after Block 3 of the training.





You will be asked to undertake a minimum of 10 supervision sessions related to the case studies you have undertaken as a mechanism to embed learning and development through your progression through the case studies.

Again, more information and guidance around this will be provided throughout the course of the training.