TTM- Towards Certification


Welcome to Transformational Tantra Massage Certification!

This training is seen as one of the world’s foremost comprehensive tantra massage trainings and we are delighted that you are starting on the path to certification and potentially bringing more access to this powerful healing modality into the world.

Certification Criteria

Here is the link to the CERTIFICATION CRITERIA.  This provides you with information about all the components that are required for a successful certification journey.  

We suggest you review this and also watch the video here in this section which takes you through the document.

Here is also a link to the logbook which is referred to in the video 

                 TTM Logbook (Windows)              TTM Logbook (Mac)

The Only Way is Ethics

In Transformational Tantra Massage, we abide by the ASIS ethics policy at this link

You can find more details at the link above, however three key points are that: 

  1. The practitioner remains clothed at all times (which can include wearing a sarong).
  2. Touch is only one way (being provided by the practitioner to the client) apart from the exception where the 3 minute game is being played and the client is exploring the taking quadrant but in any event, would not include any intimate areas.  
  3. Gloves are always worn for genital and rosetta touch.  This supports hygiene for both practitioner and client and delineates a boundary as the touch is for learning (educational) purposes supporting a specific intent.

We ask you to formally sign up to these ethics, whilst practicing TTM, in the document linked to in the Insurance Section.


Whilst you are moving towards certification and doing your case studies, it is possible for you to get insurance as a student, which gives you insurance for completing your case studies.   Here is a link on ASIS and Insurance which provides information around joining the regulatory body ASIS and getting insurance.  Ethics are covered in the Ethics section.

Treatment versus Coaching Model

In Transformational Tantra Massage we work with the client to co-create an experience primarily focussed on expanding their awareness / consciousness of the energy they are experiencing in any given moment.  By doing this it means we are not in a treatment model but rather coaching model of working. 

The video provides more detail about the difference between the two models.


Below are the forms that you need to use.   We believe that the forms are fairly self explanatory however we have some videos here in this section that run through how to use them if you need further clarification.  Please note that we have provided a Mac version which we have obtained through a converter.  As we don’t have a Mac we have not been able to verify the format.

TTM Waiver and Intake Form 

This form is used to perform a responsible intake for every new client and also updated if there is a client change of circumstance.     


TTM Intimate Consent Form

 This form is used to obtain consent for internal bodywork.       It should be noted that agreements needs to be made before the session starts and should not be changed mid-session unless the client decides they do not want internal bodywork after all in which case, this should not be performed.


TTM Session Report 

This form is filled in for every case study that you do as a method of reflection and is then emailed to us for review as part of the supervision.                   


TTM Personal Development Plan 

This form is filled in to give a view as part of your supervision of your personal and professional growth. We think the spreadsheet is self-explanatory and recommend that you read the Intro Tab first. If you have any questions of detail we can pick these up in the Q & A Session or supervision.


Supervision Process

In your package, you have 10 supervision sessions allocated.   Ten sessions are normally sufficient for the majority of people.   If you need more than 10 supervision sessions then this will become obviously fairly quickly between you and your supervisor.

The process is to complete two sessions with clients as per the criteria in the certification criteria document and then fill in the TTM Session Report form from above.  Email it in to and request a supervision session.  We require 2 days notice to read your forms so it also helps to speed up the process if you can let us have your availability from 2 days hence for around 5 days.  One of us will email you back to confirm a supervision appointment.  

As examples: 

If you email us on a Monday, give availability for the following Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

if you email us on the Wednesday, please give us availability for the following Monday to Friday.