About Elara

ElaraElara is a Reiki Master/Teacher, a medium, spiritual guide and coach and also a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Psychosexual Somatics Therapist. With a grounding in both spirit and the body she brings these wisdoms into her Tantric teachings together with a mindfulness approach.  Her passion is helping people to let go of what stands in their way of full consciousness through emotional, energetic and  physical release.   The energy from emotions can get imprinted into our physical bodies as cellular memory, and Elara specialises in bodywork to support the release of this.   Elara is passionate in helping people work with what stops them from forming deep, meaningful and intimate relationships.

She works with acceptance and love in all aspects of who you are and uses the power of Tantra and embodiment to transform and connect with the divine.  For it is only when we are integrated and healed in both aspects of spirituality and sexuality that we can find true connection with our self and every aspect in the world around us. 

Elara is also a co-founder of Sacred Light Tantra www.sacredlighttantra.com which takes people on a journey towards intimacy, aliveness and integrating their spirituality and sexuality toward achieving higher consciousness.