Transformational Tantra Massage Training UK


This training is made up of  five components:

  • EXPERIENCE TANTRIC PRINCIPLES ONLINE MODULE :  An online 10 session programme covering some of the principles of Tantra and Transformational Tantra Massage, an introduction to embodied consent and a number of embodiment practices.  This optional module is included in the price of the training if you sign up for all 4 Blocks and if you do so whilst it is still running.  This training will give you a firm foundation to embark on your Transformational Tantra Massage training.
  • BLOCK 1 – FUNDAMENTALS OF ENERGY AND TANTRA : A 5 day in-person training covering the fundamentals of energy and tantra massage (check date details for this and other blocks to see if this is residential or non-residential)
  • BLOCK 2 – THE MULTIPLE DIMENSIONS OF SEXUAL HEALING: A 6 day in-person training 
  • BLOCK 3 – THE DYNAMICS OF PLEASURE AND THE ENERGY BODY: A 6 day in-person training
  • BLOCK 4 – AN INITIATION INTO TANTRA: A 5 day in-person training
Between each of the main block there is a minimum of 6 weeks to allow time for integration from the previous block.
For those who are going onto become a practitioner as part of the professional training, there are also additional online training videos and sessions to cover the professional aspects of transformational tantra massage.


These dates are subject to UK Government COVID-19 regulations allowing them to proceed.​

Dates for 2022/23 now available!


“In its highest form, tantra massage has the potential to be an initiation into a direct experience of the world of tantra.”      – John Hawken 

This Transformational Tantra Massage training has been developed to set a benchmark and standard for what Tantra Massage should stand for at its highest pinnacle of this art. The training is about learning to receive and give tantra massage as an initiation into Tantra.
The word tantra has been often misappropriated to sell sexual services under the name tantra massage. Even the best-intentioned massages often over- emphasize the sexual aspect of tantra, which is fundamentally about sacred sexuality expressed through the heart.
Tantra is an ancient practice that opens the door to an experience of ourselves as beings of energy and consciousness.

This training has  has been running for over 6 years and is based on John Hawken’s body of work, developed over 35 years of working with individuals and couples. He is one of Europe’s original and foremost tantra teachers and perhaps the first to actively combine and teach tantric, shamanic and bio-energetic wisdom through his teachings at The Paths of Transformation.  

This training is recognised by ASIS, the governing body in this field and thus is also recognised for insurance.

We are Jon and Elara from Sacred Light Tantra, also teachers at John Hawken’s The Paths of Transformation faculty.

We are exciting to be running the fifth year long training in the UK, in conjunction with this running at our flagship Tantra Centre in Prague, Poland and internationally.  We are passionate about bringing ethical transformational tantra massage to the mainstream.if


If you would like to join us on this training then the steps are:

1) Apply for a place (see Apply on the menu and also on the button below)

2) We will set up a chat with you for us to decide if we have a match and offer you a place.  

3) Pay for a ticket to secure your place (see button below)

If you want to speak to us or have some specific queries, then you can either

                     contact Elara on 07391 552 616 or 

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